Earth movers

You'll really dig our excavating services






Leave no stone unturned and call us to get the job done right

You'll find our competitive prices and professional service just can't be beat for any and all earth moving jobs. So call us today and speak directly with owner Bob Lohr to ensure you get the best personal and professional service your jobs demand.

  •  Clear the path for roads or driveways
  •  Get the scoop on all types of excavation
  •  Set the groundwork for a better foundation

Protect your property with our land grading services

Whether you have sediment erosion, poor water drainage, or poor slope stability, you can minimize damage to your property with our land grading services.

  •  Ensure proper water runoff
  •  Control erosion
  •  Create better steering on steep slopes
  •  Prevent and remove pollution
  •  Reduce significant off-side damage

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